Thursday, July 17, 2014

Uncle Dave Macon Days II

Sunday, the last day of the Uncle Dave Macon Days festival, is devoted to gospel or sacred music. There was hymn-singing and a speaker, followed by musicians playing and singing old-time gospel music.

One of our favorites was there, Mr. Paul Williams, singing it as only he can.

Several other groups were there, including a new one that was fabulous! I can't wait to hear more from Val Storey and her group.

The heat and humidity were oppressive, even though we were under shelters with big fans blowing.  There was a small thing that made a big difference--popsicles.

One of the festival's sponsers, Wilson Bank and Trust, passed out Popsicles.   Many, many Popsicles, and they were all free.  One of the bank's employees told me that they had 15,000 boxes to share.
They were everywhere!

They were most appreciated.  They were refreshing, even though they didn't last long.  I had several, and Hub had a dozen or so.

It is the little things in life that make it so special.