Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Four Corners

There is only one place on the United States map where four states come together.  It is here, in this high desert in the Navajo Nation.

We thought we would be the only ones there, since we had seen very little traffic that morning.  Wrong again! There was a huge line of people wanting to put their bodies in four states at once.

There is a flea market with lots of merchants around the monument; most have jewelry and sand art and T-shirts.  We decided to shop a while until it wasn't so crowded.  I shot some photos in all four states.

When we finished shopping, the line was longer than before, so we just took these photos of people we don't know and went on our way.  We were able to spend much more time in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.  Our visit to Colorado this time was short; just the time it took to walk around the vendor's booths.  It looks nothing like Denver here!