Thursday, July 31, 2014


We have had a less-than-successful year with our flowers.  

The best ones were planted by the birds, not us.

I don't know the variety.  We buy sunflower seeds in twenty-pound bags at Tractor Supply, and the birds thank us by scattering them all over the yard.

Just one can really brighten up a place.

This one has about twenty flowers.  The ones at the bottom are different and have matured already.  

The goldfinches love them, and cover them until all the seed are gone.  It is so much fun watching the goldfinches hang upside down while eating the seed.  I tried my best to get a photo of that, but Mr. Goldfinch would not cooperate.

The bees love them, too.  

Maybe next year, I should let the birds do all our planting.