Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Mexico

William Tecumseh Sherman has never been one of my favorite 

people. After all, he burned Atlanta to the ground, and they are still  

 trying to rebuild it after 150 years.

Years after the Civil War ended, Sherman, who intensely disliked 

the arid country and the people of the Southwest, supposedly said 

that  “the United States ought to declare war on Mexico and make it 

take back New Mexico.”

                                                            I totally disagree.

New Mexico has good people, good food, and oil wells.  It has Albuquerque, a turquoise jewel that is one of the best places I have been.  It has a constant breeze, even when the temps soar. It has dazzling sunsets and painted bridges. It has a diverse population and distinctive traditions.  It has a quiet peace that is calming and spiritual.

I'm happy that old bully, Willy T, didn't get his way about New Mexico.