Monday, November 30, 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

After a week of Thanksgiving celebration, these things must not be forgotten:

151. The way light can push back darkness
152. Seeing relatives again
153. New traditions
154. A house that doesn't leak
155. Expectation
156. Clouds at dawn
157. Naomi, a rock
158. Things made from the earth

159. Neighbors who take care of your dog until you find him
160. A house full of laughter
161. Stacks of dirty plates
162. Safe trips home
163. The "fancy" dining table full
164. Digging Christmas ornaments out of their boxes
165. Living in freedom in the United States
166. Living in freedom in the kingdom of God

167. Walking
168. Warm clothing
169. Wandering in the woods
170. Wisdom in unexpected places
171. Whipped cream on chocolate
172. Worship

173. Babies learning to walk
174. God can use anything for his purpose: a star, a donkey, me
175. A forty year milestone

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that the Lord is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrate Saturday: Old Fashioned Christmas

Celebrate this Saturday getting ready for the Christmas celebration.
Enjoy the old fashioned Christmas hosted by the LaGrange College Site near Tuscumbia, Alabama.

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel-which means, "God with us". Matthew 1:23

Friday, November 27, 2009

Superior Scribbler Award

Thanks to my friend Amy who blogs at Hope is the Word, I am a recipient of the Superior Scribbler Award. This inspires me to continue capturing my thoughts with the hope that others will enjoy them. As a recipient of this award, I am honored to pass this award on to five other bloggers, in addition to the rules of the Superior Scribbler Award. The rules:

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I am awarding this to:
n' stitches designs
Gingham and Daisies
The Bloom Book Club
Martha Campbell Pullen

All of you have blessed and inspired me!

Heroes: Eric Henry Liddell

Born to missionary parents living in China, Eric Liddell was sent to school in England at age six. At school, he excelled in all sports, and became known as the "fastest runner in Scotland."

He attended the University of Edinburgh, with his brother Rob, in 1921. Again, he excelled at running and other sports. His numerous awards sent him to 1924 Olympics held in Paris.

Liddell was a committed Christian. The 100 meters race, his best event, was being run on Sunday, the day he worshipped, and he refused to run.

He felt he had no choice but to withdraw from that competition. Liddell had seen the schedule months earlier, and began training for the 400 meter race.

Eric Liddell ran the 400 meter race with a slip of paper in his hand that read, "Those who honor me I will honor. 1 Samuel 2:30". He not only won the race, but broke the existing world record for that event.

Eric Henry Liddell ran for God.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Being Thankful

The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving." -H.U. Westermayer

The most detailed description of the "First Thanksgiving" comes from Edward Winslow from A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in 1621:
"Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together after we had gathered the fruit of our labors. They four in one day killed as much fowl as, with a little help beside, served the company almost a week. At which time, among other recreations, we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest their greatest king Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and feasted, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation and bestowed upon our governor, and upon the captain, and others. And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want that we often wish you partakers of our plenty."

More than 200 years after that first thanksgiving celebration, President Abraham Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. Congress finally made Thanksgiving Day an official national holiday in 1941.

Most people living today cannot really imagine what life was like for the Pilgrims. With their own hands, they made tools and built a nation. Their food crops weren't grown for bragging rights or as a hobby; their crops determined if they would starve or live through the winter. They were truly thankful when the rains came, when the hot days made the corn stalks climb. They thanked God for a bountiful crop of acorns and other nuts, which fed the game that fed them. They gave thanks that their children had lived to be a year old, that their hands were able to hold the axe and the plow. The pilgrims were thankful for neighbors who would help them, sharing seeds and knowledge of the land, without which the Pilgrims could not have survived.

Thanksgiving doesn't have much importance anymore in our culture. It is a day to eat too much and fall asleep later watching football.

It serves as a launching point for the Christmas season, with Black Friday the next day and the coffee table piled with ads for 5:00 AM shopping.

Some decorate their homes and businesses after Halloween, just skipping Thanksgiving completely.

Today, please take a little time to remember that:

while you're enjoying your comfortable home, 80% of the world live in substandard housing.

while you're reading your Bible or other book, 67% of the people can't read.

while you're stuffed from your dinner, 50% of the world is malnourished and 1% is starving.

while you're cleaning up the kitchen, 33% of people don't have safe drinking water.

when you go to the bathroom, 39% of people don't have improved sanitation.

while you're comfortably watching television, 24% of people have no electricity.

God has blessed our nation, for in its beginning, they didn't forget Him.

“To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.”
–Psalms 30.12

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


No one escapes this life without some bumps (or canyons) in the road.
We are assured of trouble...everyone, saved and unsaved alike.

Jesus tells us "in this world you will have trouble, but be brave! I have defeated the world." (John 16:33 NCV)

My sister and friend is in a battle right now.
She has fought for months; surgery, treatments, chemotherapy.

One would think she would look weary, defeated.

She has exploited this evil, this vicious blackness, slapping Satan's face with it, upgrading it for the glory of God.

She continually praises God for His healing, points others to the great Healer.

She chose to stay in the background before. Now, with joy and thanksgiving, she tells multitudes about His love and power.

There is something about her that cannot be explained with mere words.
Always beautiful, with flawless skin and a smile that could light up a room, she's different now.

She glows.
She radiates the glory of God.

Is it God's peace?
Is it the innumerable prayers that are poured over her?
Is it simply joy from being safe under His wings?

Whatever it is, it is a privilege to observe; a wonder to share.

Happy are the people who know how to praise you. Lord, let them live in the light of your presence. Psalm 89:15 NCV

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Worship is loving, being thankful.

Worship is spontaneous, voluntary.

It's not a science.

Worship is not something that can be taught or learned with theories and formulas.
We can't train for it, we can't buy it.

If worship doesn't ignite and expand in the heart, it's not worship at all,
but something man-made, not God-made.

The first disciples worshipped.
Can you imagine what it must have been like when Jesus walked the earth?
When word spread of his miracles, they ran to Jesus for help, bringing the lame, the blind,the mute, the discards of society.

Jesus healed them.

The crowds gasped, astounded, confused about how this was happening, but
knowing God was among them.

They worshiped Him.

They didn't call a committee meeting to decide proper methods of worship.
They didn't wait until Sunday when they had on their best clothing.
They probably didn't worry that they were outdoors and in public.
It really didn't matter to them that there were unbelievers in the crowd.

They worshipped their Savior, their Healer, from the heart.

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. Psalm 95:6

Monday, November 23, 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

The wonder of continued blessings....
126. Warm air from vents
127. Advent
128. China full of coffee
129. Little acts of kindness that are so big
130. Promises kept
131. Ancient things that are still useful

131. Seeing a sister at church after a long illness
132. Having a student ask if I could teach what they're taking next semester
133. Found treasures in old boxes
134. Little girl eating pancakes
135. Teenager working earnestly on a book she is writing
136. A season to remind us to be thankful everyday
137. Leaves falling like rain
138. Finding new beauty after change

139. Honey
140. New neighbors
141. The way a tiny candle can change a whole room
142. The best department head ever
143. First-born son is such a good daddy
144. Baby boy found his soul mate
145. Debbie
146. Dreams
147. Ding-dongs
148. Determination
149. Dancing
150. Distortion, different but beautiful

Since you are God's children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, and the Spirit cries out, "Father". So now you are not a slave; you are God's child, and God will give you the blessing he promised, because you are his child. Galatians 4:6-7 NCV