Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Handy Week update

Last Friday night was supposed to be the kick-off for the W. C. Handy Festival, but it rained straight down all day and night and most of the events were cancelled.  There was some lingering rain on Saturday with more events cancelled.

On Sunday, things started looking up, and yesterday was absolutely fantastic.  We attended the Midnighters lunch show at Scope310 from 11 until 1. They did not disappoint, but then, they never do.

There were so many events going on Monday night that you just had to pick one.  We picked The Pine Hill Haints at the St. Florian park, because it is a great place to hang out and because WE LOVE THE PINE HILL HAINTS!

We were able to sit with two good friends, which made the night even better.

Not everybody can do Saint Louis Blues on these instruments, but the Haints can. Trust me, don't ever miss an opportunity to see this group.

We are looking forward to attending many more events this week. All our favorites are outside, so we're doing an anti-rain dance here.