Monday, July 7, 2014

Powered by the Wind

When we travel west from Alabama, the first big change I notice is the wind.  Across the plains and prairies, there is a constant breeze. There are weeks here when there is not enough wind to tinkle my wind chimes.

I've always loved the old windmills, and wish we had enough wind to make one profitable here.

We had not driven out west since 2005, when we drove all the way to Disney in Southern California with our son's family.  Then, we were amazed at the new wind turbines in Southern California.  Now, they seem to stretch all the way across Oklahoma and Texas.

There are hundreds of them on ridges that stretch for miles and miles.

I'm told the wind turbines produce clean and renewable energy, although they are expensive to install.

An example of the old and new existing together.  Beautiful!