Monday, March 7, 2016

Jerry Brown Festival, 2016

If you read this missive regularly, you know that Jerry Brown and his art have a special place in my heart.  I wrote about his pottery here, here, and here.  Mr. Brown became ill early Thursday morning, and passed away late Friday.  Before his death, he insisted that the festival go on.

Hub and I got to Hamilton about 11:30, and the Brown booth only had a few items left.  The people working there told us that the store was empty, and these shelves held the only items that were left of his work.

I bought one last piece that Mr. Brown had signed, and stood in line a while to pay for it.

Mr. Brown's work was always the highlight of the festival, but there were many more wonderful artists there.

My friend, George Jones, Jr., with his fabulous handmade brooms.

With Mr. Brown gone, I have to wonder about the future of this festival.  I really hope it continues.