Friday, March 25, 2016

Blue Lights

My friend, Lee Carver, first gave me the idea of making something blue to show our support for law enforcement.  When I was packing up the Christmas decorations this year, I left the blue lights out and stored them in the pantry.  I kept looking for an old bird cage, but wasn't able to find one that I thought was suitable.  Last week, I was poking around on Pintrest, and found some "light balls".  They were made from the wire flower pots that have a straw lining for planting.

I went searching in my potting shed (actually two shelves under the deck), knowing I had a couple of those pots back there.  I had bought them a while back, but didn't use them much.  They won't hold a lot of soil, and whatever was planted in them had to be watered every day in our hot Alabama summer.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  The pots were rusty, but a little silver paint helped them a lot.  Please don't be jealous of my painting table.

Using some wire, Hub joined the two pots, then used fishing line to keep the lights in place.  

It is now hanging on the front porch, on the right side of the door.  It is quite beautiful, and casts a lovely blue glow in the bedroom window.

I do get weary of hearing people accuse our policemen of being brutal and uncaring.  I find it especially prevalent among parents who didn't have the time or energy to teach their children morals, manners, or the work ethic.  As for this house, we are appreciative of and support all law enforcement officers, and we proudly shine our blue light.