Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jerry Brown Pottery

Jerry Brown's Pottery Shop is located just a few miles from Hamilton, Alabama.  It is a beautiful place.

There are shelves and tables of gorgeous pottery. Because it was Black Friday, Mr. Brown was offering 10% off everything in the store.  I really wanted one of each item, but I had to settle on one thing for my anniversary gift.  Decisions, decisions.

Mr. Brown was also giving tours.  Here, he is explaining to Hub about how clay is turned until it is the consistency of play dough. Mr. Brown uses this mixer turned by a mule, just like his daddy did for many years. The elder Mr. Brown had Jerry helping with the pottery making when he was a very young child.

Above: Mr. Brown with his mule, Blue.  Blue is thirty years old, and has been mixing clay for twenty eight and a half years. 

Mr. Brown uses this gas powered kiln, and he also has two electric ones.  He told us the color of the glazes they use change according to which kiln they are baked in.

It was awesome getting to be in the studio where all this traditional art is made.