Tuesday, March 15, 2016

First Flowers

Last Friday, I took a walk around the back yard, hoping to see some blooms.  There was nothing.  What a difference five days and some sunshine can make.

Carolina jasmine on the corner of the front porch.  It has a couple of bird nests and lots of bees already.

The pear trees seem to have blossomed out overnight.

Old-fashioned bridal wreath.

There is a white-out in my back yard.

First azaleas.  I have some larger ones that are not blooming yet.

Last year, our friend, Stephanie Brown, gave us a small Camilla bush.  There have been buds on it since December, and some of them are finally bloomed out.

How beautiful is that?  Definitely worth the wait. Thanks again, Steph.

Hopefully, there will be more photos to share later.