Monday, December 1, 2014

Alabama Pottery

Archaeologists have found pottery in China that was made around 20,000 years ago.  I don't know when or how the first was made; maybe some one was wasting time by the river bank and found that it was fun to mold wet clay into shapes.  Maybe they came back later, after their creation had baked in the sun, and decided that it could be used to store things, to keep things dry, and drink out of.  If anyone knows who made the first pottery, please share that information with us.  I do know that it is still being made today, and it is just as beautiful and useful as it was way back then.

I love pottery, and have several items that I have bought over the years.  At first, I bought every kind I could find, but I soon ran out of space and money, so now I buy only pottery from my favorite potter, Jerry Brown of Hamilton, Alabama. The pot above was made by Mr. Brown, and I treasure it. 

If your interests include local pottery, I would highly recommend this book.

Last Friday was the anniversary of that cold day in 1969 when Hub and I stood before the preacher and made some serious vows. To celebrate, we drove to Hamilton to Jerry Brown's shop.  It was a good day.  More about that tomorrow. . .