Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Tennessee Papers, Continued

Continued from yesterday's blog:

January: *Wanted, dry hides.  William Stewart & Company.

*My wife Molly has absented herself from my bed without just cause.  I will not pay her debts.  William Fitzgerald.

March: *For sale, dry goods and groceries.  Edward Foster

*I wish to forwarn the public against trading or taking assignments against two notes of hand held by Eprhaim Thomas dated August, 1808. I will not pay said notes unless compelled by law.  John Tell

*A runaway negro by the name of Jack was committed to the jail of Smith County.  He says he is 22 years old and is the property of Mathew Johnston who lives on Little Harpeth Williamson County.  John Harmon, jailor.

In addition to this snippets, there was lots of news about lost and found horses, public sales of land, applying to the government for free land, and the announcements from the post office of letters  that had not been picked up. I tried to copy these articles exactly as they were written, so if you find misspellings (my spellchecker lit up the page) and incorrect punctuation, don't blame me.   

This newspaper ended in the middle of the year.  I wonder if the paper wasn't able to remain open, or if none of the copies were saved for us to read.  I wonder what happened to the editors, these Friends of the People? There are so many things we don't know, but I'm thankful for the things that were saved that show a little of how these people were so different from us, and so like us.