Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Tennessee Newspapers. Continued

Continued from yesterday's blog:

July: Died in New York, Thomas Paine.

September: *I was married on the 4th of December to Jemina Burgess, the daughter of Thomas Burgess of Warren County, Tennessee.  After eight months of marriage, I have has [sic] nothing but trouble, distress and uneasiness of mind. I am no longer responsible for debts of her contracting.  Thomas Stuart.  (Have you ever heard such whining?  I'm thinking it wasn't a bed of roses for Jemina, either.)

*After a short illness, Thomas Dardis died on Thursday.

*Daniel Lambert died in London at the age of 40.  He weighed 739 pounds.

*Dr. Charles F. Mabius cured a negro boy who was blind in 1807.  Josiah Howell.

December: The copartnership of the blacksmith business is dissolved by mutual consent.  Samuel Evetts and William Williams.  Will all those indebted please come forward.

I hope that worked out for Samuel and William.  We will look at 1810 tomorrow.