Monday, September 8, 2014

Tennessee Gazette 1801

I love reading old newspapers and imagining 'the rest of the story.' Recently, I found a book at the Florence/Lauderdale Public Library compiled by Sherida K. Eddlemon that had articles from various newspapers between 1791-1808. The author hoped that Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers would be used to find relatives that might not be listed anywhere else.

The following excerpts are from 1801, when there was no telephones, no telegraphs, no televisions, no cars, and not many roads. I'm trying to refrain from commenting on every item; you can do that for yourself, but I have to wonder about some of these. The times, they have changed! 

January 14: *Charles Robinson has opened a tavern on Big Harpeth twelve miles from Nashville. 
*Joseph Lack, tailor, has commenced business in the log house next to MESSRS. TWIG and STOTHART. 
*Richard Cross has opened a house of private entertainment.

February 11: *I am empowered to sell for John G. Blount certain tracts of land on the Harper and Stones River. James Robertson
*Reward $5. Strayed or stolen last October in Robinson County, a bay horse belonging to Jonathan Stephen. 
 *The Mechanical Society will meet the 3rd Saturday of every month. George Blount, sec.  
*Sheriff Sale is being held on the 6th of April in Davidson County of the land belonging to Isaac Thomas, where Widow Thomas now lives. Joseph Johnson.

March 11: *Runaway, a negro man named NED.  He has a yellow complexion, a marked cheek, and plays the violin.  There is a generous reward for his return. John M'Nairy.
*Joseph Engleman, butcher, wishes to purchase stall fed cattle and sheep.

To be continued. . .