Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Festival in Townsend, Tennessee

Last Saturday, Hub, my lil' ole Sister, and I attended the 22nd annual Townsend, Tennessee Fall Heritage Festival and Old Timers Day. There was a lot going on, and thousands of people there to enjoy a perfect fall day. We had heard about this festival for years, but this was the first time we have been able to attend.  It did not disappoint.

Mr. Allen Collins was doing a little whittling while he is taking a break from picking.

This booth had farm animals, and the kids loved it.  They had several baby goats and a hungry baby pig.

She was not kissing this one.  It was squealing and she was trying to calm it down.

The people in front of the stage were clogging.

We encountered some long food lines, but it was worth the wait.

There was a good arts and crafts show, but all we carried home were some ideas and a four pound bag of fresh ground yellow corn meal.  I see muffins in our future.

There were groups playing on the stage, on the porch, in tents, and in clusters under shade trees.  

There was an $8 parking fee, but no admission charge for the festival. You might want to pencil it in on next year's calendar.