Thursday, September 4, 2014

Journey Proud

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Have you been watching Journey Proud on Alabama Public Television?  If not, you can go here to see episodes you have missed. It airs on selected Sunday evenings; you can find a schedule here.

Journey Proud is a documentary series highlighting the people, customs, and traditions of Alabama.  There are episodes on decoration days, shaped-note singing, fishing, juke joints--you get the idea.  If you were raised in Alabama, you are bound to recognize some of your family's traditions, and possibly, some of your family.

The host of Journey Proud is Joey Brackner, shown here with Hub at the Labor Day festival at Coon Dog Cemetery.  I met Joey more than a decade ago when he was teaching at an Alabama Folklife Community Scholars program.  He is the Director of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture, and is the perfect host for Journey Proud.

Joey, his producer and crew were at the festival working on an episode about--you guessed it!--coon hunting. I can't wait for that one!