Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tennesse Gazette 1801 Continued 1

Continued from yesterday....

April 1: At the beginning of every month, the newspaper listed letters remaining at the Nashville Post Office.  The list was longer than usual in April, which makes me wonder if the winter had kept people at home.
*Lost on March 14, a black leather pocket book, on the road leading from Nashville to Capt. Jostlins.  John Pierce.
*Charles Robinson has opened a tavern on the Big Harpeth, twelve miles from Nashville on the road leading from there to Natchez.
*On Saturday last while trying to turn a boat, a man by the name of Weiser was killed in an accident at Neely's Bend.

May 6: *John Collins informs the public he can cure the rupture in persons aged 1 to 45 years.  No cure, no pay.
*$10 if found in Tennessee, $25 if found in another state.  Two mares stolen in Williamson County near Franklin. Jesse Tarkinton.

June 3:*Reward of $15 for mare strayed from Jeseph Tarkington on Otter Creek, Davidson County.
*A general assortment of merchandise is being offered for sale by Joseph M'Kean.
*Wanted, an apprentice for the silversmith trade. Jos. T. Elliston.

July 8: *A false report is being circulated on the Holston waters that I am in partnership with Spencer Griffin. Wm. Christmas
*My wife Sarah has eloped from my bed. I am not responsible for credit given to her on my account. Thomas Simpson, Smith County.

August 5: *Samuel Neal died yesterday in Nashville after returning from New Orleans.  He was a resident of Maryland near Hagerstown and was the son of William Neal of Westmoreland Co., Penn.  He has left a sum of money.  For an application see Mr. Richard Cross.
*J. Dujour is trying to raise money to start a vineyard.
*All persons are forewarned against trading for a note given by my hand on the 3rd of September, 1798, to William T. Lewis for 15 pounds Virginia currency.  William Gunn.

. . . to be continued.