Friday, September 5, 2014

Shades of Purple

Is this blurred, slightly abstract photo capturing a picture of grapes? a deadly virus? bacteria on the head of a pin?
None of the above.  
It is mature berries from the beautyberry bush.

 I wrote about beautyberries here, and they continue to fascinate me.  This year, they seemed to mature quicker than usual.

The bush shakes with birds when they start eating the berries.  I think it is a favorite of the redbirds.

The bush is so pretty that it almost, but not quite, makes me happy to see the autumn and admit summer is over.  I hang on to summer as tight as I can until I have to let go.

We planted this bush several years ago, and it thrives here without any petting.  I have seen them growing wild east of Huntsville, but I have never seen any growing in our area that wasn't planted. 
This bush is a must-have if you enjoy attracting birds to your yard.