Saturday, June 22, 2013

Music in the Park

I've written here before about Music in the Park, a city program that offers various bands and singing groups every Wednesday in May and June in beautiful Wilson Park in downtown Florence.  There is no admission, and you can buy a fine lunch from Steak n' Stuff for five dollars. In addition to the music and the chance to visit with friends, sometimes we are blessed with some fine dancers.

Beautiful Kathy Mohr, personal trainer and dance exercise instructor, wows the crowd with her dancing, which to me can only be described as liquid grace.

The park is always full of these little ones dancing and dripping happiness.

Popular local buck dancer Paul Parker amazes did you do that?

Never too young, or never too old, to feel the music.
Next week will be the last concert this year for Music in the Park.  July brings those days so hot that outside activities cease while we all stay inside, hiding from the sun and humidity. Then, the W.C. Handy Festival starts, but that's a blog for another day.