Thursday, June 20, 2013

Downtown Florence

I love my hometown of Florence, Alabama.  It is a small city, but it has so much going on.  The downtown area is alive and vibrant with stores, restaurants, and parks.  And this week, something new.

Artists Tim Stevenson, Cullen Stewart, and Ronnie Riner are at work on a fabulous mural on the side of Fred's on North Court Street.  The mural depicts life in a Northwest Alabama river town, and it makes you happy just to look at it.

Cullen Stewart finishes a border. . .

Ronnie Riner

Artist Tim Stevenson puts the finishing touches on a fisherman. . . .

It is on a busy street corner, and it is impossible to photograph the whole thing in late morning traffic.  When it is finished, I will really try to get down there between 6 and 7 A.M. (it is that beautiful!) when the light is better and there is no traffic to get pictures of the whole thing.

This is just another good thing about our town.  More tomorrow.