Monday, June 10, 2013

. . .and a Time to Give Up

My Grandma Gean grew beautiful poppies every year in the first row of her garden, on the side nearest her house.  She loved the way they bloomed.  We loved the seed pods, and were allowed to play with them after Grandma saved all the seed she needed for next year.  If we had so desired, we would have had enough seed for poppy seed muffins for a year. We had never heard the term opioids back then.

I have planted poppies many years in many gardens, and I have never had any success with them.  Maybe the seeds were not as good as Grandma's, or maybe I planted them too deep (a common failure on my part). Could be that I didn't love them as much as Grandma loved hers.

Perhaps it is time to give up, to let it go, to move on,  and just enjoy poppies in other people's gardens.  The ones in the photos are from the gardens of my fantastic gardening friend, Margie Anderton.  She can grow anything, and always welcomes us to her garden to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  Thanks, Margie!