Saturday, June 15, 2013

. . . and a Time to Throw Away

It seems like every time I leave the house, I see new storage units that have been built.  It makes me wonder.  After all, most of us have houses with ample space for storage unless we accumulate a lot more things than we need. 

I have never rented storage space, but I have heard the smallest ones are fifty dollars a month or more.  I have been to several auctions at storage lockers and am amazed that people pay good money to store garbage.  For example, I have found:

1. Clothes that smell and are so dated that you wouldn't put them on at Halloween.
2. Shoes so old that they are molded and misshapen.
3. Boxes of old receipts dating several decades back.  If the receipt for a cable bill was $6, then it needs to be thrown away.  Okay, you can save one for sentimental purposes, but not several boxes of them.
4. Books that were never read, will never be read, and could be found at the library if you had to have it later.
5. Various cords and plugs.  How many of you could produce a cord for a telephone land line, when you haven't had a land line for years?
6. Remote controls for televisions and stereos that bit the dust in the last century.
7. Medicine so old it is not fit for human consumption.
8. Magazines that were saved for something, but no one remembers why.  Most of them still had the little pull-out cards with coupons that expired thirty years ago.
9. Cooking spices that were bought when someone decided to become a gourmet cook.  I'm not calling any names, but someone near and dear to me recently found some spices in her kitchen that were dated in the 1980s.
10. VHS tapes.  It's okay.  You will never watch them again.  Let them go.

There is a time to throw things away.  If you are hoarding any of the things above, the time is now.