Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Time to Keep. . .

Keeper:  something that can be kept; something that qualifies. :  This fish is a keeper. Throw the others out. (dictionary.com)

Keeper hasn't been in my vocabulary many years, but I hear it about every day now.  Yesterday, someone told me that a poem we shared was going in her "keeper" file.

I can't possibly keep all the books I read and love, and I'm so thankful for several libraries for storing them for me.  Sometimes, a book is so astounding and challenging that it becomes a keeper, and joins the other keeper books that I need close to me, just in case.

I have recipes, shoes, plants, and friends that are keepers.  Keepers don't have to be new or expensive, but just bring comfort and joy by having them near. What are some of your favorite keepers?