Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quilting Class: Week 6

Our quilting class last night started by showing some easy, colorful quilts that can be made from scraps.  The quilt in the photo above is a string quilt with a focus fabric.

This quilt is made of half-square triangles done the easy way.  These are not the intricate Baltimore Albums or Double Wedding Ring quilts, but quilts that can be done in a weekend.  Both of these quilts could be made by a beginner with basic sewing skills.

Violet was not able to come last night; she is having minor knee surgery this morning.  She is hoping she will be healed enough to make it next week.

Tulip, Daisy, Rose, and I were able to finish the bird quilt enough for it to be taken off the frames.  We love looking at the back of the quilt for the first time when it is out of the frames.  The stitching makes a pattern of its own on the muslin we use for backing.

All of us are excited about starting a new quilt next week.  So many projects....so little time!

This class is made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Thanks!