Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Painting Roosters

Last night, I went to a painting party at Stephanie's house.  I have never attempted to paint before.

 Not bad for my first time....Wait.  That is one of the paintings the instructor brought to use as an example.

The background was easy enough.  I chose to do a simple rooster, something that I could handle.  Maybe.

When Hub and I were very young, we lived on a farm and had animals.  One year, I found some really cheap baby chickens for sale in the ads in the back of a magazine.  We ordered them  and raised them to put in the freezer as fryers.  Well, no matter how much we fed them, those chickens just wouldn't get fat.  It was their nature, apparently, to remain petite, and I would guess that is why we got them at such a good price.  The rooster I painted reminded me of those skinny chickens.

My daughter-in-law, Rachel, and her sister are artists.  I have several friends who paint well enough to sell their work.  They don't need to be worried about any competition from me.  While it was a fun party, I think I'll stick to painting with fabric.