Friday, February 22, 2013

Drawing Water

This was always a welcome sight when we were standing in parched cotton fields, looking for a sign.  This meant that the sun was drawing water, and it was going to rain.

Daddy entertained us with stories of deluges that he had witnessed, or heard about.  He recalled that once, it had rained so hard, that little fish that had fallen from the clouds were flopping all over the place. 

We would believe anything.

If a fish, or any other living thing, was sucked up by a tornado or waterspout, then fell thousands of feet to collide with the earth, would it really be flopping?  We lived more than 400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and over 600 from the Atlantic.  Peeps, that is a long way for a little creature to travel and still be able to move when it was reunited with the earth.

It is true that sometimes frogs or fish are washed up from streams or sewers during flooding, but I don't think they fell from the sky and were still able to move about.  However, it was an entertaining story and kept our minds off cotton for a few minutes.