Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leaving the Nest

One of the baby robins has left the nest.

When I checked on them  for the first time this morning, there were only two birds in the nest.  Of course, I thought the worse-- the cat had eaten one or it had fallen from the nest and perished.  Then, underneath the nest, I saw the baby robin just sitting on the steps.
I had forgotten to bring my camera from the car last night, so I had to go out and get it.  When I opened the door, the little bird hopped off the steps and starting jumping around the yard.
I watched him/her for several minutes, taking little leaps, then he started getting too close to the road.  We live really close to an elementary school, and the traffic was heavy.  So I ran out to the road and steered him back in my large pink robe and bed hair.  He ran into the neighbors' yard so I felt it was my duty to take him back to ours.
When I bent down to pick him up, the mother and father robins darted from the tree where they had been watching their baby and starting yelling at me in bird talk.  I realized then that they had been taking care of their babies just fine without me and they didn't need any help.

The other two baby robins are sleeping in the nest.  I'm wondering if the parents teach them to leave the nest and fly one at a time.