Saturday, May 26, 2012

Empty Nest, Again

After the first robin flew away, the other two settled down in the nest.  It seemed to just fit them comfortably after their sibling was gone.

I'm wondering if this one is looking at the tree where is mom is and wondering if he can make it.

It kept walking around on the edge of the nest.  I knew it was ready to go.  I was standing at the door watching when it spread its wings and made it to the tree.

This is the third one, just minutes after its sibling left.  He has got to be thinking that the world is bigger than the nest. When I turned to go inside after taking this photo, this little one flew away.

So now, I'm left with an empty nest.  Again.  Hub read that the mother and her mate would probably raise another family this year, but they seldom use the same nest.

I have been an observer of nature all my life.  This is the first time that I have been able to watch this miracle from the time the nest was built.  The beautiful blue eggs, the little naked babies, watching the mother feed worms into the open mouths, seeing the feathers grow so quickly--it has all been such a pleasure.  I'm grateful that mother robin picked the front porch as the site to build her nest.