Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fresh from the Garden

Writer Barbara Kingsolver wrote this book about her family living off the land for a year.  It is amazing.  I read it over and over.

There is nothing like growing your own food.  You can control the variety you want and the amount of pesticides they receive.  Personally, I don't like to eat things from countries where farmers can use any pesticide they want, including those banned in the United States. 

There is nothing, nothing like picking a tomato right off the vine, sinking your teeth in the warm flesh while the juice runs down your chin...knowing you planted the seed, transplanted it, weeded it, watered it, and watched it grow. 

The best teaching is hands-on.  What better way could there be to teach a child about life?  Perhaps even some patience?  Or, the joy of watching seedlings emerge from the ground? Things like lettuce, radishes, or herbs can be grown in recycled drink containers on a windowsill.

Most libraries have this book, but you need a copy of your own as a reference.  I highly recommend it.