Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lambert's Cafe

Have you eaten at Lambert's Cafe?  There are three of them: one in Sikeston, Missouri, another in Ozark, Missouri, and the third is in Foley, Alabama.

We have eaten at the Foley, Alabama, location many times.  It is close to Gulf Shores, and any trip to the beach includes a trip to Lambert's.

Last week, we ate at the Ozark, Missouri, location.  The food was good and it is so much fun!

Lambert's Cafe, celebrating their 70th anniversary this year, is known for their 'throwed rolls'.  Yes, they really do throw rolls at you. After you catch one, someone comes by and asks if you would like sorghum with it.  It might not sit well for Emily Post, but I'm fine with it.  And the rolls are fabulous!

We were there for lunch.  The prices are reasonable and the food is ample--we took enough back to the resort for supper.  I highly recommend that you try it if you are ever close enough to one of these locations.