Saturday, March 10, 2012


We left the Mayans and the monkeys and the mosquitoes, heading back up the New River.  I managed to get on a boat with a real seat on the way back, but the trip was still pretty traumatic.

That is a termite nest in the tree.  You see them everywhere in Belize.

There are many homes along the river built by foreigners. Mr. McAfee, the computer anti-virus guru, has a beautiful home on the banks of the New River, and employs several locals year 'round.

After leaving the river, we had lunch at a restaurant where the buses had parked earlier.  We had the meal that most Belizians have every Sunday:  Chicken in a red sauce, rice and beans cooked in coconut milk, slaw, and bread pudding.  It was quite tasty.

After lunch, we boarded the buses and rode back to Belize City.  We arrived in time to do some shopping in the port area, but we were so exhausted we went back on the ship immediately.  If I had been at home, I would have probably taken a nap to rest.  No time for napping on the ship--way too many fun things to do.  So a cup of apple-cinnamon tea and a hot shower, and we were ready for the night's entertainment.

Any time we cruise, we love to be on deck when the ship leaves a port.  We were outside on the deck again by the time we said good-bye to Belize.

It was a fabulous day.