Monday, March 5, 2012

Multitude Monday: Traveling Mercy

I hope y'all missed me last week.  To celebrate Hub's retirement, we were on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.  In the next  few days, I plan to talk about where we were and what we saw, so I don't have to tell all of y'all individually! :)

We were aboard the Norwegian ship Spirit, which travels out of the port in New Orleans.  The Superdome Holiday Inn has a 'Stay and Sail' plan, which lets you leave your car parked there a week, for free, if you spend the night.  It also provides a free shuttle to the dock, but you have to pay for the trip back to the hotel.

It had been eight years since we had been in New Orleans.  It started raining soon after we got there, and street construction made it hard to get around, so we didn't venture far from our hotel.  Next morning, we caught the first shuttle and went through embarkation early.  We were ready to board when the ship started taking on passengers.

While waiting to board, we met three couples from Iowa, Indiana, and Mississippi.  They all were good friends by the time the cruise was over. We spent almost every evening with the Mayos from Indiana.

Cold rain and low clouds kept us inside once we were on the ship, but we had lunch and unpacked.  Then after the safety drill (they were serious about that), we left New Orleans and headed down the Mississippi to the Gulf.  It took us three hours to reach the open water of the Gulf of Mexico.
Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you about rockin' and rollin' through the Gulf.