Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are you Hungry?

When we began the island tour of Roatan, our enthusiastic guide, Bryon, mentioned that an iguana farm was included in  the tour.  He told us they were protected and it was against the law to kill them.  He then told us that all the locals ate them; in fact, it is one of his favorite dishes.

We exited the bus in a crowd.  I could see the metal fences ahead, thinking that the iguanas were housed there.  The crowd thinned.  Looking around, I could see iguanas everywhere.  It was the stuff of nightmares.  If my lil' ole sister had been with me, she would have been screaming hysterically.

Byron supplied us with banana leaves to feed the iguanas, cautioning us to keep our fingers away from their teeth.

He also begged us not to step on their tails.  They would lose their tails if we did, and it just takes forever to grow a new one.

Glad they didn't see Hub's toe peeping out of that sandal!

After observing them a while, I was curious about what parts could be eaten.  I know that the tails of alligators are the only edible part, but the iguana tails didn't look like they would supply enough meat to bother.  So I asked Byron.  Byron and the other guides probably work for tips, so he was most helpful.  He told me they skinned the iguanas, then boiled them for hours in coconut milk.  He said it was a lot like barbecue.  Then he graciously offered to show me a restaurant in town where I could sample some.

Iguana would fall into the same category as opossum--I may be hungry enough someday to eat it, but I'm not that hungry right now.  Thanks anyway, Byron.