Friday, March 16, 2012

Five dolla. Five dolla.

Unlike the other ports you have seen here, I have been to Cozumel several times, the first in 2001 on our very first cruise.    Eleven  years later, it hasn't changed that much.  When we got there on Friday, there were four other cruise ships already there.

There is enough bling in Cozumel for everyone in the world to have some.  The shopkeepers are highly competitive and stand outside their shops, trying to entice you to come in.

Tourism is the biggest industry here.  The town is relatively clean and safe as long as you stay in the dock area.  Some people returned to the ship with loads of merchandise they had bought in the shops.

I always feel a little weird when the flag flying is not the Stars and Stripes.

I don't know who this statue honors, but everyone gets pooped on sometimes.

Someone was wise enough to put a park in the middle of town.

Nothing is priced in the stores.  Apparently, they look at you and decide what you can afford before they give you a price, which averages about four times what they really want.  If I am interested in something, I decide what I think it is worth and offer them half of that.  I tire of that quickly, however; Cozumel is entirely too hot for haggling.

Standing in a 'ship canyon'. 

 Gotta go; gotta hurry back on the ship...something exciting is happening this afternoon!