Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leaving Roatan

After we returned to port from the island sightseeing tour, the stores and booths were busy with shoppers. We bought some bling for our granddaughters, which they probably didn't need, but I don't come home without a surprise for them.

Byron seemed especially proud of the airport tower, which is built high on a hill far away from the airport near the beach.

These Garifuna dancers started dancing and posing for photos as soon as we docked, and they were still dancing and posing when the last passenger embarked.

The dancers represent descendants of slaves who disguised themselves as women to avoid fighting in a war.  I gave them a tip; anyone who can dance all day in the heat on concrete deserves one, no matter what their story is.

New girlfriends returning to the ship after a hard day of shopping.

Roatan, Honduras in the rear view mirror.

It was a most excellent day.