Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Travels: Argentina

Yesterday, we went to Argentina.

One of my favorite places in the world, the Florence Lauderdale Public Library, has a series of programs on January Sundays for all of us who want to travel the world but just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. This is their fourth year to do this, and it has become so popular that they will probably have to move to a larger room soon. Yesterday's program was full of those of us who wanted to "Get out of Town" without spending the time, money, and effort to do so, so we packed out the library on a wet, cold, cloudy afternoon, and we were transported to the far south for just a little while.

 My longtime friend, Deborah Douglas-Brown, affectionately known to some of us as DDB, and her husband, Bill, presented a program about a recent trip to Argentina. The Browns travel more than anyone else I know. Every time I see her, my first question is, "So, where have you just got back from?"

Find the passport! We are off to China next Sunday afternoon.

*National Geographic photos