Monday, January 23, 2012

Multitude Monday: Taking the Joy Dare

I have been following Anne Voskamp's blog,, for several years.  She is a beautiful writer.  Every  Monday, her post notes things she grateful for, little things that we can fail to see unless we look with searching eyes.

My blog has recorded hundreds of things I'm grateful for, but Anne has challenged us to find 1000 things to thank God for in the year 2012.  That's about three a day, unless of course, you get 23 days behind like I did. 

 Here we go!  Today I'm thankful:

1. that we were safe during the storms that swept through the South last night.
2. for the good decisions I have made; accepting Jesus as my Savior and having a personal relationship with Him is the best one I have ever made.
3. for a strong body that has been many miles in sixty-one years.
4. for a clear mind.  Most days.  Well, some days.
5. for a warm, dry house to live in.
6. for the gift of hospitality He has given me.
7. for laughter.
8. for the way the sunlight reflects off the water in puddles leftover from last night.

9. for the contrails crossed white against a blue sky: a painting worthy of art museums.
10. for the gift of reading.
11. for the invention of the printing press; can you imagine what it would be like not to have a Bible or any other book?

12. for good food.
13. for sitting with an old friend in Sunday school yesterday.
14. for sitting with a new friend in Sunday school yesterday.
15. for Sunday school.

16. for the birds that visit my deck.
17. for green leaves pushing up from the cold ground.
18. for the tinkling of wind chimes, music on the front porch.
19. for the ability to make things with my hands.
20. for women everywhere who study the Word together.
21. for things that last long.
22. for a new group of students.
23. for old books that never get old.
24. for family.
25. for friends.