Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Humor

 Mrs. Gladys Makes Up Her Mind

Poor Mrs. Gladys, she went to visit her grand-daughter and her husband over the weekend and the news is not good. She was excited about seeing the young family, and she was looking forward to going to church with them Sunday morning but things didn’t go so well. Leslie and her husband go to a big new mega-church. Mrs. Gladys, on the other hand, is used to the much smaller, much more intimate congregation. Hers is a nice country church and she’s been a member there for well, a while. Trust me. It wouldn’t serve any of us for me to elaborate. Mrs. Gladys wasn’t very impressed with the slick marble and the soaring ceilings of the new mega-church. Nor was she at all fond of the contemporary music. Now personally, I like both the old hymns and the new faster paced praise music, but I understand that some people prefer one or the other.

Mrs. Gladys didn’t think the people were all that friendly, either. She said no one spoke to them in the parking lot and no one greeted them in the foyer. To hear her tell it no one even made eye contact with her. Now, if Leslie were telling this, she might say that her dear grandmother’s frown might have been more than a tad off-putting, but I am definitely not going there. What’s important here is that Mrs. Gladys told me that she felt plum invisible and no one likes that feeling, especially Mrs. Gladys.

After the service Mrs. Gladys made up her mind to talk to somebody before she left. Leslie said her grandmother turned around to a couple seated behind her, stuck her hand out in the woman’s direction, and said, “Gladys Dunn.”
The woman smiled thinly but the man grabbed her hand and said enthusiastically, “Me, too, lady, me too!”

From my friend, Shellie, the Belle of All Things Southern.  Check out her website at allthingsouthern.com