Friday, January 20, 2012

Folklife Friday: Another String Quilt

During the rainy, stormy day this week, I completed this string quilt. Quilts like these were named string quilts because some of the fabric used were small as strings, all that was leftover from other projects.

I actually made the blocks a few years ago during and after a class on string quilts. Unlike food and flowers, the blocks will keep until you have time and energy to put them together.

 I know some of my students will recognize some of the fabrics that were used. Blocks are made by cutting old newspapers in the desired shapes; this is an eight inch square.  Starting in the center, fabric strings are sewn on until the newspaper square is covered.  Then, the fabric strings are trimmed to the size of the newspaper. It is best to leave the newspaper on until the blocks are sewn together, then they are removed before you make the quilt sandwich (top, batting, lining).

I quilted this quilt using a free motion foot and meandering.  The quilting pattern doesn't have to be marked, so it is a time saver. The label is made from a block I had left over.  

I love bright colors, so I use red a lot in my quilts.  When I made quilts for sale, the quilts with red or purple always sold first.

God has blessed us and I am able to buy fabric I need for sewing projects, but I still love using the scraps.  In fact, people give their scraps to me so it isn't likely I'll ever run out.  For some reason, I get intense satisfaction from taking a pile of strings and making something beautiful out of them.