Monday, September 12, 2016


Our olfactory systems are amazing.  Scientists say it is our oldest sense, and the last one to go before our final breath.  How strong is this sense of smell?  In most people, it is extremely strong. Right now, think about leaves burning in the fall.  Can you smell it? Think about Christmas with its pines and cedars.  I can remember and smell Christmas in the hottest summer months.  Think about waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon; how tomato plants smell when you touch them; riding down a country road when honeysuckles are blooming.  Anybody??

A few days ago, Hub and I were riding near the bend of the river, where hundreds of acres of cotton are grown every year.  The cotton has not been defoliated, and the cotton bolls are just now beginning to open.

It has been about fifty years, a half century, since my family had cotton fields. During that time, we have gone from being children to grandparents. Our party lines have been replaced by little phones that contain the whole world.  Our beloved three-channel televisions have been replaced by a multitude of opportunities to be entertained. My hair has changed colors many times, finally reaching its present state of snowy white.

As soon as we reached the first field, I could smell the cotton.  I'm guessing it is a memory that is too deeply etched in my brain to ever go away.