Monday, September 19, 2016

Migrating Hummingbirds

We keep hummingbird feeders up from early April until late October.  We have seen hummingbirds all summer, but nothing like the crowds we have had in the last few days.  I know they are migrating, and that we better enjoy them now before they are all gone.

Hub fills our three feeders everyday, and the hummingbirds empty them.

Could it be that this fat fellow is just showing off his beautiful neck?

I have learned to keep my distance from the feeders, as these ultra-aggressive little birds defend their nectar.  It is amazing to watch.

The average hummingbird weighs about the same as three pennies.  Can you imagine how small their brain is?

And yet, they are smart enough to fly safely over the Gulf to winter in Mexico, then find their way back to the same feeders next year.  How awesome is that? 

Five sparrows are sold for two pennies, aren’t they? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Why, even all the hairs on your head have been counted! Stop being afraid. You are worth more than a bunch of sparrows. ~Luke 12:6-7