Thursday, September 15, 2016

Slowing Down

Slowing Down

I used to hurry, taking no time
for things I encountered along the way.
Now, I amble, turtle-like, stopping,
embracing, breathing in every ray

of sunlight, healing yellow warm.
I used to rush, never looking around,
but now, I stop, savor every flower,
every leaf, every tiny treasure found.

I used to charge into the chaotic crowd,
not caring where they were bound, as long
as they would accept me as a part of
their madness. Now, I can see the wrong

of wasted time when I used to obsess
about not measuring up, and changing me
to fit into their preceived perfection.
I’m so over that. Now, I’ll just be

Happy to breathe in, breathe out, hearing
the birds, the babies, the silence. Taking
nothing for granted, there are no guarantees.
I’m loving it, this life that I’m making.