Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quilting Class Week 6

It seems like every time the quilting class meets, we talk about the weather forecast and what may happen before the end of the week. The last time we had icy weather, an important meeting for Parsley and Rosemary was cancelled.  They were unable to come to quilting class because that meeting was rescheduled for last night,  Sage and Thyme made a lot of blocks; I made a few.

We talked about ways to make string quilts other than sewing them on paper like we are doing now.  One way is similar to a crazy quilt.  You start by finding a cute fabric, then cut the figures with five sides.  I do this without a pattern; I want the sizes to vary.
Think about the houses we drew in second grade and you pretty well have the pattern. 

Sew a piece of fabric on one of the five sides; press, and trim.

Keep going around the center piece until all the sides have been covered. Start around the center again.

Continue sewing around the center until you have a block that is as big as you want.

Looks kind of like an upside-down birdhouse, doesn't it?

I have chosen to do 6 1/2" blocks for this quilt.  Place the 6 1/2" square ruler over the block, centering it. Twist the ruler until it is in the position that looks best to you.

Trim the sides using the 6  1/2" ruler.  How cute is that? I managed to get four blocks made during the class last night.  Hopefully, you will see more later.

This class is made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Thanks!