Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed (real name John Chapman) died on this day in 1845. During his lifetime, he planted apple trees. 

 I recall a story about him in elementary school, where he was depicted as a wild man wearing a pot on his head and randomly throwing apple seeds. In fact, he planted nurseries with fences to protect the little trees, and left them in care of an able nurseryman before he moved on.  He introduced apple trees to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

The book also failed to mention that he was a missionary for The New Church during his travels, sowing the gospel along with the apple seeds.

I'm thankful for the work he did.  For one reason, apples are my favorite fruit and have innumerable health benefits. Another reason is that I admire people who are willing do a job just because it is needed.

My favorite apples are the Golden Delicious that can be found in Western North Carolina in the fall.  There is something about that mountain soil that gives them the best taste ever.  We have been known to drive to Asheville in the fall just to get apples.

The apples shown here are from Sam's.  They are about the best you can get here during the winter, but are not even close to those North Carolina apples.

There are, of course, numerous stories about little children eating copious amounts of green apples in the summer and the consequences of that, but that's a blog for another day.