Monday, March 9, 2015

Jerry Brown Arts Festival

Last Saturday, we drove to Hamilton for the Jerry Brown Arts Festival.

There was a huge crowd and we had to park a long way from the building.  Thankfully, there were three police vans shuttling people from their cars to the building.  It was my first time in a police van.

Painting on tin.....

and on some gourds.   I loved the blue chicken gourd.

Jerry Brown demonstrating his art.

Master Folk Artist Charlie Lucas holding one of his tin sculptures.

We go to a lot of art festivals.  Because I don't want to run out of room or money,  I have to limit myself to one item to bring home with me. This is what I bought at this festival.

It was made by Scott McQueen of Northport, Alabama.  I loved everything in his booth, but this one called my name.  It was a hard decision, but I'm happy this is living in my house now.