Thursday, March 5, 2015

Full Worm Moon March 5

Not my photo; source unknown

March 5 brings us the Full Worm Moon, the full moon before the spring equinox.  This full moon is also known as the Full Sap Moon, the Lenten Moon, and according to the Dakota Sioux, the Moon When Eyes are Sore from the Bright Snow.

It is thought the name Full Worm Moon comes from the Algonquin tribes who lived from New England to Lake Superior.  At this time of year, the earth warms enough for earth worms to appear and start digesting dirt.  This worm activity naturally brings robins looking for their breakfast.  We see the robins and know that spring can't be far away.
As I am writing this at 6:05 on March 5, the ground is covered with a layer of ice and it is still falling from the sky.  Our roads are skating rinks, and our temperatures will probably not rise above freezing today.  If a robin finds a worm today, it may be like eating a little icicle. Still, hope springs eternal, and I am thinking this has to be the last winter storm.  When the Full Worm Moon rises tonight, it will do so on a frozen world here in North Alabama.