Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yellow Iris

One of the things I love about out Wildflower Society is that we have lots of door prizes, mostly plants.  There is a number on our name tag when we sign in, and these numbers are used to draw for door prizes at the end of the meeting.

Two years ago, my number was near the end, and all that was left on the table was a tiny little pot with an iris blade sticking out.  I brought it home and stuck it down in a pot of herbs.  Last year, I transferred it to a better home.

Apparently, this has been a great year for iris.  I have seen them in  yards and pictures, beautiful clumps of iris in all colors. I guess ours are finicky or persnickety. We transferred all our iris last year, and this is the only one that bloomed this year.  We are glad that we had at least one that would show off for us.