Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden Babies

Y'all know it doesn't take much to get me excited, and I was just tickled pink when I saw this.

These vines are loaded with teensy weensy little orbs that will grow into plump, juicy muscadines.

Last year, we spent quality time with our neighbors eating muscadines right off the vine.  Hopefully, we can do the same this year in October.  Of course, we will have to watch for little foxes and other creatures that like them as well as we do.

The tomatoes are still small, but they are looking good! Hub waters them faithfully when it doesn't rain.

That little squash is about an inch long, but squash grows quickly and we will be eating them in a few days.  There is about a hundred others about an inch long.  It always happens like that; there is just a few days between the time we are yearning for squash and the time we are tired of squash.

I am loving this beautiful spring we have been gifted with!

The world's favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May.  ~Edwin Way Teale