Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tupelo Tornadoes

Monday and Tuesday were stormy here and all across the south.  We had much destruction just twenty miles from our home, but we were safe with no damage. Ten of us gathered in our basement and watched the Weather Channel and Huntsville stations that had continuous weather coverage.  

We saw a tornado sweep down on Tupelo, Mississippi. We prayed and watched in horror as the twister sped through the city. Tupelo is about ninety miles from here.  Today, the people there are recovering and making plans to rebuild.

My parents lived through the massive tornado outbreak  that leveled Tupelo in 1936.  We heard about it just about every time there was a storm when I was growing up.  Mama would look at the storm clouds and compare them to the ones "the day that Tupelo got blown away".  I found this clip of the 1936 storm on the Internet; I don't know who to credit for making this video.

Storms are a part of life in the South.  We are thankful for technology that warns us in time to get out of harm's way.